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Mr. and Mrs. Iyer
Aparna Sen's Mr. and Mrs. Iyer starts quietly in a bus journey down a meandering hillside that brings together a diverse group of passengers.

The camera pans between rows to build up a quick snapshot of the characters and soon (if you're Indian) you see almost every kind of person you have met in the long bus journeys and train journeys that are so common in India - a bunch of college-students, and elderly couple, a newly married couple, a group of friends playing cards and Mrs.Iyer travelling with her one year old child, Santhanam.

Mrs.Iyer, whose father has asked Raja, who is travelling to the same destination to help her, soon finds that she needs Raja's help to keep the child occupied when he cries, when she needs to get his food ready.
The passenegers are all asleep when the bus is stopped because communal riots have broken out following the murder of a person by a person of another community. Curfew is declared and the passengers are asked to stay ab…