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For a nation with centuries of tradition in plays, stories and legends, curiously there are no stories of superheroes in India. Stories of characters like Robin Hood, Superman and masked superheroes are not part of our cultural narratives.

And why,indeed, do you need superheroes when you have a God who can cross a sub-continent and an ocean while carrying a mountain, a God, who as a young boy, lifted a mountain with his pinkie, a warrior who fought entire armies single-handedly and yet in the midst of the battle-field could discuss the subtleties of philosophical thought, a prince who renounced his kingdom and would be remembered for centuries as the 'Light of Asia', a monk who crossed the oceans to spread the message of uncompromising non-dualism to the materialistic West and was greeted as a conquering hero when he returned to his motherland ?

For centuries, India has ignored political power and wealth as metrics for measuring  greatness. And now, as we race in our efforts to …