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How to give directions and phone numbers in India

Since we do not have a national addressing plan (or atleast one that is uniformly enforced), giving directions in India is an art, rather than a mechanical activity (turn left at 5th Ave and right at 1st Main)

Here's an example of giving directions in Bangalore:
From FORUM (PVR Cinema side) enter into Koramangala 5th Block, you will come across HDFC Bank, do Proceed 50 meters further you will come across Standard Chartered Bank and a Duetsch Bank ATM's Both side by side. Take a right turn and again a Second left you will come across AEROFITNESS Center (It is a MULTI GYM) walk/drive further after the AEROFITNESS Center you come across a Park with a WIPRO Board on it. We are diagonally opposite to the other end of the park.

It's the same case with phone numbers - I give my phone number to a caller - 9008x-yyyyy. The person says, "Is it 90 08x yy yyy ?" It does not sound like my phone number and I say again - it's 9008x-yyyyy.
And so it goes on - giving direc…