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India at 60

The New York Times reported on it's front page on 15 Aug 1947
"Sir S. Radhakrishnan, noted Indian philosopher , paid tribute to the British and asked Indians to look within themselves for faults that in the past had made the Indians "ready victims" for the imperialists. "From midnight on," he said, "we cannot crowd blame on the British." He called for an end to "nepotism and corruption, which have been a blot on the great name of the country."
60 years after Independence from colonial rulers, why do we still refer to "ruling party" ?
Almost every reference to the government is in the role of rulers over the country.

But we've progressed a lot in the last 60 years. In comparison, at 60, the USA was still fighting territorial battles - the battle of Alamo with the Mexican Army for Texas independence.

And here's the classic National Unity theme song from the late 1980s along with a more contemporary rendering of our National …