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On Writing

One of my favorite bloggers, Atanu Dey, writes on how to write and has a simple prescription:
Good writing is the product of some very hard thinking. Lazy thinkers cannot be good writers. Know a bit, know that you know it, know logic, read great writers, do some hard thinking, learn vocabulary, and practice writing. Repeat until desired results are obtained.

Scenes from Bangalore's IT Corridor

The Outer Ring Road in Bangalore hosts a who's-who from Silicon Valley: Cisco Systems, Intel, AOL, Accenture, Intuit, Motorola.

Among the other inhabitants of the IT corridor:

The SMA Pork Stall has a vantage position.

And of course, the inevitable gridlocks where nobody wants to yield the right of way.

Just Another Day at Work

The Indian Express reports:
A volatile atmosphere prevailed in the Assembly on Friday with members of the ruling party, including a couple of Ministers, and those of the AIADMK almost coming to blows.
During the discussion, PWD Minister Durai Murugan, addressed Jayalalithaa in singular person. The problem started when Jayalalithaa said Anbazhagan was just an assistant professor in Pachaiyappa’s College.
From the treasury benches, too, members as well as Ministers rushed to the well and members of both parties started shouting at each other near the Speaker’s podium.
After the House resumed business, Jayalalithaa said the DMK Government had lost moral rights to continue in office and led her partymen in a walk-out.

Our taxes help our honorable legislators receive

travel allowances
medical reimbursement
telephone allowances
furnishing of private residences and amenities

Not too bad for a job for which the only qualification is age and the intention to redistribute public wealth to …