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Leaving America

I've lived in California for over 10 years and now when it's time to leave, I've started seeing the things that I had taken for granted in the US the people, the institutions and the land in a new light.

Although the Indian scriptures, the Gita and the Upanishads, eloquently talk about the Atman that is in each individual and how it is part of the Cosmic Being, about the dignity of labor in Karma Yoga, I have seen this practiced more in the United Stated than in India.

After a recent trip to Washington DC, I've been reading His Excellency, George Washington
I don't read biographies often, and this is one of the best I've read, that reveals the man behind the icon - his achievement and his weaknesses. The ability to walk away when the nation offers all its powers, as Washington did - first after leading the Continental Army to victory and second after two terms as the President, is remarkable and one wishes the leaders of the Republic of India had the mental stre…