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The Psychology of God-Vision

These notes are condensed from Swami Ashokananda's book "Ascent to Spiritual Illumination"
Chapter 1: The Psychology of God-Vision
God-vision depends on our state of mind. If your mind were scattered or inattentive you may not see a tree in front of you.
The purpose of today morning is to define the state of mind necessary to the experience of the Spirit.
What is God? He is the Eternal, Infinite One and Being. This infinite Being is all joy, all light, all goodness, all truth. This is the Being we are trying to experience.
Where is that Being? Everything that exists He is interpenetrating through and through.
How is it that we don't experience and perceive Him?There is some kind of block due to which we cannot see Him. The distraction and scattering of the mind is the block.
When the mind has learned not to dwell on matter - and the mind can learn it - then spiritual life has begun, not until then.
You escape [sense objects] by learning to be quiet. That is the great…