Monday, November 12, 2007

Country Transformation With Wireless Technologies

One of the advantages of being a "lesser developed country" or a "developing country" or an "emerging market" (pick your favorite nomenclature) is that new technologies can be deployed without having to worry about support for legacy deployments. Now, thousands of patients in rural Tamil Nadu are receiving treatment thanks to a WiFi deployment that is a collaboration between Aravind Eye Hospital, Intel and University of California, Berkeley. This allows eye specialists at Aravind Eye Hospital at Theni to interview and examine patients in five remote clinics via a high-quality video conference.

Aravind Eye Hospital has a strategy of bringing disruptive technologies into medical treatment for the masses. A recent update on the deployment is available at Livemint.

Fast Company has a great profile on the the founder of Aravind Eye Hospital Dr. G.Venkataswamy.

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