Friday, January 04, 2008

Vocal Impressions on NPR

Probably due to my proximity to San Francisco, I'm a Starbucks-drinking, tree-hugging, classical-music listening NPR fan ;-)
Vocal Impressions is a series that I recently caught while driving home in the evening. In this program, listeners are asked to describe different voices. Some descriptions are truly wonderful and the combination of the image they create and hearing the voice they describe is marvelous.

Morgan Freeman: "A lion gargling with pebbles"
Marilyn Monroe: "The slow folding and unfolding of a pink cashmere sweater"
Cher: "The pulse in your head when you figured out that the hottie you were told was a transvestite really is a woman after all"
Ray Charles: "Slow dancing in a college bar, tingling with anticipation"

More of this at NPR's website
Round 1-7

Round 7-10

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boon2 said...

Morgan freeman's voice description is funny :)...his narration was the highlight of the movie "March of the penguins"