Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cricket on Outer Ring Road

The Outer Ring Road in Bangalore is probably not as well known for cricket as the Eden Gardens, Lords or the Sydney Cricket Ground, but last Sunday I was watching a game of cricket on a Sunday morning in one of the few patches of land left on the Outer Ring Road in Bangalore.

The kids are surrounded by multi story buildings under construction, land-moving equipment and granite slabs, but nothing beats the joy of playing cricket in the morning.

The lay of the land: the pitch looks bouncy and it might aid bowlers in the morning.

The batsman watches the ball go over the slip cordon

Once in a while the ball gets lost amidst the concrete slabs behind the wickets and the wicketkeeper has to point the location out to the fielder at first slip. An intensive search proceeds.

Retrieval efforts fail and the wicket keeper himself proceeds to find the ball.

When a new batsman comes, the bails are set properly and the game proceeds.

I expect the next time I'm back here, the construction equipment would have taken over the pitch and the kids would be looking for a new patch of land to resume their Sunday games.

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